Happy Women’s Day 2016

Today we are celebrating International Women’s Day. Its an opportunity to acknowledge the remarkable contribution of woman to our society. Who is a woman? The dictionary says a woman is an adult female human. Is that all? Never! A woman is much more than these words! The word ‘Woman’ evokes a lot of thoughts in our mind – selfless love, care, sacrifice and the ability to nurture a life. A woman plays so many roles with ease in one single life – an obedient daughter, a caring sister, a supportive wife, a dutiful mother. A woman is a full circle. Within her is the power to create, nurture and transform. Being a woman is wonderful.

Happy Women's Day 2016

International Women’s Day was first celebrated on March 19, 1911. Several women raised their voice for right to vote, to hold public office and also protested against employment sex discrimination. This brought a significant change in the world. Since then International Women Day began and now it has become a global day of recognition and celebration of womanhood.

Every year Human Rights of United Nations designs an unique theme to celebrate Women’s Day. The idea behind such themes are to create awareness about women’s struggle and hardships which they face on daily basis. This year, the theme is #pledgeforparity, which talks about gender equality. The main aim behind this theme is to empower women and girls no matter where they live to achieve their ambition in all aspects of life.

Happy Womens Day

Across the globe, thousands of events take place to celebrate International Women’s Day. It is a day to appreciate women’s role and contribution to every corner of our society as well as to promote women empowerment. In India, this day is celebrated by hosting seminars and giving awards and honor to women achievers etc. As part of Women’s Day 2016 celebration, Air India flew its longest ‘All Women’ operated and supported flight from Delhi to San Francisco. It took off from Delhi on March 6 and traveled a distance of around 14,500 km in close to 17 hours. It truly is a great symbol of women empowerment.

So ladies, take pride in being a WOMAN. ‘Your heart is gold. Your spirit is bold. You enrich the lives of those you touch.’ Happy Women’s Day everyone 🙂

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