Happy Holi

Happy Holi everyone!! Yes, today we are celebrating Holi, India’s most vibrant festival. Holi is the celebration of color, joy, smile and enthusiasm. The entire country wears a festive look during holi. This is one of the oldest festivals of India. Everyone spends the day smearing gulal all over each others’ faces and throwing Various hues of gulal and throwing wet colors at each other. Holi is the celebration of the victory of good over evil, that’s the reason behind ‘Holika Dahan’ that takes place on the eve of Holi. Holi is the celebration of great fun. Special Holi events with music, rain dances and color are organized in some cities as well.

happy holi

Not only colors, various lip smacking delicacies are also a major part of Holi celebration in India. Say Holi and the first thing that comes to our mind is thandai, and then gujiya. No Indian festival is complete without a grand feast and Holi is no exception. Several traditional recipes and various drinks are made in Holi, to double up the joy of this amazing festival.

And to make your Holi celebration even more joyous, our Beautifulhamesha has come up with some super informative and helpful tips for you. Not sure what to wear during the celebration? Looking for something comfy, yet stylish? CheckTop 5 Outfits for Holiand you will get some brilliant outfit ideas for Holi.

These days, Holi is as much about chemicals as it is about colors. To enjoy a healthy Holi, make sure to protect your skin and hair while playing Holi. Take a look at theHoli Skin & Hair Care Tips by Shahnaz Husain.

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Say yes to Herbal Holi to avoid the side effects of chemical loaded colors. Mix pure mehndi powder and some flour to get dry green color. Take turmeric powder and besan in 1:2 ratio and mix for yellow color. Add crushed hibiscus powder with red sandalwood powder for red color.

Once the festivities are over, we all start worrying about the removal of colors. Instead of spending hours in the shower and rubbing your skin over and over, use homemade ubtans like fuller’s earth and sandalwood powder or a paste of milk and turmeric for easy removal of colors.

holi greetings

So, once again Happy Holi everyone. Stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy a super awesome Holi with your near and dear ones 🙂

Holi Hai….

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