Glowderma Glocin Gel Review

Hey guys! I have left for Ludhiana on 3rd of December. The shaadi season is here, and so is my cousin’s wedding.So, all packed up and excited, I’ll write a review after a good long gap. The product is Glowderma Glocin Gel. My doctor has prescribed this to me; lets move on to Glowderma Glocin Gel Review and see if he was a good doctor or not!

Glowderma Glocin Gel Review

Recently I’ve got to know that I’d been suffering from comedrones right from the age of 9. These are the least level of acne, and are completely harmful! But they do make your face look untextured. No one would ever bother this but me! So, after that appointment with the physician, I’ve got into action! But how awesome is Glowderma Glocin Gel? Read on my Glowderma Glocin Gel Review to know.

Glowderma Glocin Gel packaging

Price of Glowderma Glocin Gel : Rs.114/- for 20 g

Directions for use : Apply over cleansed face once or twice a day as directed by physician.

Ingredients :
Glowderma Glocin Gel ingredients

Shelf life : 24 months

Color : Transparent

Smell : Just like any other medicinal ointment. Slightly overpowering.

Glowderma Glocin Gel opening

What Glowderma Glocin Gel claims


Glowderma Glocin Gel swatch

My experience with Glowderma Glocin Gel

Glowderma Glocin Gel comes in a beautiful pink tube over which is yet another pink box. I feel these are just too cute! The texture is completely fine. Gets absorbed in at the right rate.

Acne and pimples are the worst nightmare of our lives!! Let me begin with a beautiful story about Glowderma Glocin Gel. One day, when I was lying on the couch with a laptop on my lap, a pimple was rising on the area next to my lap. Seeing this coming, I got utterly terrified! Right then, I applied Glowderma Glocin Gel. 5 minutes , just 5 minutes, and the pimple began shrinking. 2 hours of sleep, just two hours, and a big pimple about to come had completely vanished!!

So how did this story impress you? Well it did to me to god level! Other things to love about Glowderma Glocin Gel include the soft texture, the easily absorbing and non-greasy formula, the cover’s design and a lot more. Hey, forgot to tell, my comedronal acne has reduced a lot due to this gel! Too glad! Things to hate will only be the slightly overpowering smell, the expensive price tag and the not-so-lasting quantity. But maybe , it was worth it!

Olalla! Right before the wedding, I get a partner for me too! One such that is really great in kicking out acne and pimples off your face. Fast, girls, you dont know what surprise is waiting for you out there!

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Good about Glowderma Glocin Gel

  • Reduces and removed pimples very fast
  • Helps to combat acne
  • Light texture
  • Good packaging
  • Suitable for all skin types

Bad about Glowderma Glocin Gel

  • Slightly overpowering smell
  • Quite expensive
  • Quantity is too less!

Availability : Easily available in chemist stores

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4.8/5

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  1. wow this seems good for acne prone skin

  2. Looks like an awesome product 🙂

  3. hi… I have also used GLOCIN Gel for pimples on my face and found it is really a wonderful product.
    My pimples got cleared and I am confident now that I am looking nice and presentable.

    Thanks to Vidushi and Glowderma’s Glocin Gel

  4. I have a lot smot acnes glowderma is just glowing my skin .what to do?

  5. I have a lot smot acnes glowderma is just glowing my skin .what to do

  6. That product is soo good and owesome.

  7. Can glowcin be used in summer

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