Different Styles of Ethnic Dresses as per Body Shapes

Hello Girlies! I am going to talk about Different Styles of Ethnic Dresses as per Body Shapes. How many times has it happened with you that you have liked one ethnic outfit but you are not sure will it flatter your body or not? We see Sonam Kapoor wearing all those gorgeous clothes and we random think that if we would look that beautiful. Well, standing in market in front of a beautiful ethnic dress you really liked but you are not able to make up your mind if you should buy it or not. This is the time you must remember the golden rules of fashion. Don’t buy anything in which you are not comfortable. Another thing that you should know is your body shape and which type of clothes will flatter you. Body shapes play a huge role while choosing ethnic dresses. What looks perfect on hourglass shaped body, might not look good on rectangle/straight shaped body. So you must know your body shape while choosing ethnic dresses for yourself. So, lets begin the list of Different Styles of Ethnic Dresses as per Body Shapes.

Different Styles of Ethnic Dresses as per Body Shapes

Ethnic Dresses for Hourglass Shape Body

Ethink wear for hourglass shaped body

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This is one of the best figures among women who have the right proportions at the right places. The perfect body shape as they have fat and curve just where it is required. So, almost everything suits hourglass shape body and this is more like a dream figure for the complete women fraternity.

So, what should you wear? Well, you can rock almost all the ethnic dresses. But try to stick to the ones wherein your curves will be emphasized. So, a narrow kurta will be the perfect. And for special occasions you can go for the flared or rich anarkalis.

Ethnic Dresses for Apple Shape Body

Ethink wear for apple shaped body

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Apple shape body has lower parts like hips and waist line heavier. But they have other parts like hands and legs in perfect shape.

So, when you are trying to find a perfect ethnic dress for apple shaped women then try something which will divert attention from their hips and waists. Try flowy kurtis rather than the tight fitted one. Also, the straight or A line kurtis go really well for apple shape body. Deep necks also compliment them a lot. Try to wear churidars rather than the normal salwars. Also, go for darker colors while choosing ethnic dresses.


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Ethnic Dresses for Pear Shape Body

Ethink wear for pear shaped body

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Pear Shape body is the common figure among Indian women. They have really narrow shoulders and very broad hip and waist area. You will find approx. 80% Indian women with pear shape body.

Talking about Ethnic dresses for pear shape bodies, patialas or salwars are pretty common for pear shaped girls. Anarkalis with too much flare at the bottom area is perfect for pear shaped girls. Collared or heavily embroideried neck line kurtas are perfect for those women. In a nutshell try to opt for colors which are lighter on the top and heavier at the bottom if you have pear shape body.

Ethnic Dresses for Straight/Rectangular Shape Body

Ethink wear for rectangular shaped body

Straight or rectangular shape bodies have no curve. It is more of a athletic body type which is straight everywhere. So, the basic feature of straight body shape is to highlight different features. And the same is with ethnic dressing.

For straight/rectangle shape body, try to wear ethnic dresses which has varied color options and different palettes. Incorporate different neck patterns like deep and wide necks in your ethnic dressing. Also, avoid clothes which are tight in terms of fitting or body hugging for straight shape body. Try to avoid anything loose otherwise you will wonder where your body is lost.

That was all about some styling tips and tricks for different body shapes. This is all about Different Styles of Ethnic Dresses as per Body Shapes. Let me know what you felt about this article in the comments down below.

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