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BodyHerbals 1 Minute Pedicure Foot Scrub Review

BodyHerbals 1 Minute Pedicure Foot Scrub Review – Hi all 🙂 I am going to share BodyHerbals 1 Minute Pedicure Foot Scrub Review today. The skin on our feet has no oil glands that can keep them properly moisturized. And so our feet is typically dry as compared to the other parts of our body. That’s why its important that we take extra care of our feet to keep them soft and moisturized and avoid dry, cracked heels. The best way ...

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Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute Review

It’s always feels nice to get a pedicure done! Spending time to pamper your toes and legs makes them look wonderful and at the same time make you feel great. Pedicure keeps our feet smooth and promote healthy toe nails. Pedicure actually does wonders to our feet. But normally its time consuming. So Sally Hansen has come up with an amazing product: Sally Hansen Pedicure in a Minute. Who doesn’t want to get compliments for beautiful feet? Me no exception ...

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The Body Care Floral Hand and Foot Scrub Review

Good morning! Don’t know what time of the day you’re reading this, but its a bright and beautiful morning right now in Ludhiana. The wedding events begin from 5th of December. Till I get so busy that I don’t get time to review any more, let me share my The Body Care Floral Hand and Foot Scrub Review with you all. Move on, and see how well The Body Care Floral Hand And Foot Scrub scrubbed my hands and feet.

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The Nature’s Co Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub Review

Hi Beauties! How are you doing? This time I am back with The Nature’s Co Walnut-Mint Foot Scrub Review. This year it did not rain for quite sometime and suddenly it has started pouring heavily here in Pune. I visited Goa last month and I loved the weather out there. It pours suddenly and you feel at home then. I am born in August and it is said that the month or the season you are born in, it becomes your ...

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How to Make Foot Scrub At Home

These days, most of us girls are so busy that we don’t find enough time for self pampering. Even if we somehow manage to take care of our face, but other body parts are left ignored, especially our feet. Feet are one of our most important and most ‘used’ parts of our body. Standing, running, walking..poor feet has to go through a lot. Yet we always end up ignoring them. Result? Tired feet, cracked heels, patchy skin etc. Because of ...

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EverYuth Naturals Foot Scrub Review

Hello everyone 🙂 lets go through EverYuth Naturals Foot Scrub Review. The dry, rough skin on my feet is a definite sign they’ve been neglected too long and Winters are little over and due to my hectic schedule,In a case like this, I could not pay attention to my feet. And I got a ruff dry feet problems. So during this weekend, I came across and purchased this scrub in hypercity. Exfoliating foot and body scrubs have become very popular. And no wonder—not only ...

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