Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel Review

Hi Beauties πŸ™‚ So, here I start the review of a product which is a body wash from the brand Boots. I have purchased quite a few products of Boots on my recent trip and luckily all the products work like a charm. By now, I am sure you all know, I love body wash and shower gel. I keep buying and trying new brand every month. So lets check Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel Review.

Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel Review

What usually attracts me is the color of the bottle which is usually the color of the gel and the fragrance or the ingredients. I loved the packaging of this gel and purchased around 10 bottles and gifted to my relatives and friends and all actually loved it. So let us look at the detailed review of Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower gel.

Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel
Price of Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel : 150 THB ( I got it for 39 THB as there was some offer)

Directions For Use : Pour into hand and work into a creamy lather. Use loofah if required.

Key Ingredients : 

Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel ingredients

Shelf Life : 2 years

Color : Aqua

Smell : Sea Kelp with a hint of mint

Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel cap

What Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel Claims

This refreshing shower gel has been specially designed to remove toxins and revitalise your skin, leaving it feeling soft and conditioned / Contains natural extracts of sea kelp and water mint

Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel swatch

My Experience With  Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel

Coming to the packaging, it is very attractive. The bottle is transparent and plastic in nature and comes with a shower hanger. The bottle appears aqua blue in color as the gel is aqua blue in color. The cap fits pretty well to the bottle and there is no leakage found. The bottle is very much travel friendly.
The gel is runny in consistency and has a mild fresh fragrance. The gel appears clear and does lather up, but still I always end up using extra gel for the body. It cleanses the body thoroughly and gives me a squeaky clean feeling. It makes skin soft and fresh. It has a fresh smell which does not bother sensitive nose. It does not linger on body after bath and thus do not get mixed with perfume or body lotions.
This shower gel consists of two main ingredients, one is sea kelp and other mint. Kelp is also known as brown algae is a seaweed that extracts components from sea water and concentrates. It offers hydration, anti ageing and anti inflammatory benefits for skin while mint soothes our skin. The gel will last me a month as me and my husband both use this gel and are happy with the results. It does not remove toxins as claimed but surely does cleanse the body.
Overall, I feel this is a just another shower gel from the brand Boots. It does not do anything else besides cleansing the body thoroughly. The packaging is really attractive and the hanger is an added advantage. Even if in near future it becomes easily available in India, I would not still prefer buying this again.

Overall, I would say it Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel is a refreshing body lotion and can be purchased for body cleansing, though it does not detoxify the body.

Good about Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel

  • Affordable
  • Huge quantity
  • Contains sea kelp and mint
  • Runny consistency
  • Does not bother sensitive nose
  • Unisex
  • Attractive packaging
  • Lathers well

Bad About Boots Sea Kelp & Water Mint Shower Gel

  • Availability
  • Smell does not linger on body
  • Detoxification claim is false
  • Contains parabens

Availability : Abroad , and some stores in India

Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 2.5/5  ♥♥•

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  1. Good review dear πŸ™‚ I am a shower gel addicted but this one is not for me πŸ™‚

  2. Good review Anju.. Love the packaging πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds good, the packaging looks great πŸ™‚

  4. Even i am finding the packaging very conevinient but quality is just fine πŸ™‚

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