Beauty Secrets of Lemon

Hi friends…. Today i will share Beauty Secrets of Lemon. Thinking of Lemon always give me refreshing feeling. Lemon plays most important role in our life to give us good health, skin, hair. Its big source of vitamin c which help to give us good immunity power. Lemon means loaded with antibacterial & antiseptic properties, perfect for a natural head to toe pampering. Lemon is widely known as a natural bleach which gives fairer skin so here’s the Beauty Secrets of Lemon.

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Caution – 

• If you have injuries or cuts, refrain from using lemon juice. Since lemon contains acids, you would experience a stinging or even a burning sensation.
• While you use lemon for face, make sure that the juice does not touch your eyes; it would hurt.
• You must never forger to wash off your face with water once you have finished using lemon on your skin.
• Do not step out on the sun while you have lemon juice on your skin.

For bright looking skin – 

  • For bright skin does not tarnish or gray, please follow the hard way below.Use 3 to 4 squeezed lemon water contained in a wooden bowl. Add a few drops of warm water into the bowl. Next, use a cotton swab, absorbent solution to the surface and for about 30 minutes, then rinse. Should do several times a day to be effective quickly.
  • The acidic pH level of lemon juice can tone and refine the surface of your skin. Mix about 2 tbsp. lemon juice with 2 tbsp. vodka. Add 1 tbsp. distilled water and 1 tbsp. witch hazel. Shake gently to mix the ingredients. Dab a little on a cotton ball and apply to your facial skin. Rinse with cool water. You can store this in your refrigerator for about a week.
  • A banana mashed, mixed with 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Then apply on face and neck skin, the skin will always be smooth.
  • use the regular cleanser, but instead use lime to “manufacture” cleanser. Get a little alum, drop into the water with a squeeze of lemon half. Wait until dissolved alum to use absorbent cotton solution to the skin surface. About 20 minutes later wash off with warm water. With this method, will help the pores are more open, no accumulation of dirt or slime, is the cause of acne.
  • So embarrassed if freckles “knock” you. Want to prevent the development of it, to avoid spreading on the skin, you get 1 egg white, and half a teaspoon of lemon juice and a retired almond paste, rubbed onto the skin with freckles. Each week you should do several times, faster performance.
  • Lemons are one of the best known remedies to lighten pimple marks. Just scrub a piece of lemon on your face and leave it for about ten minutes. Repeat for a few days before you can see some difference.
  • citrus fruits, especially lemons, are immensely good for treating brown spots, age spots and freckles. Just apply some lemon juice on the affected area and you would notice a reduction of the spots over time. The citric acid contained in lemons helps in bleaching and clarifying the skin. The top layer of your skin is exfoliated by the acids and thus, it helps to fade pigmentation.
  • They have bleaching properties that help to lighten the color of your skin. Blend some lemon juice with water and apply it on your skin. Keep for about twenty minutes and wash off. Repeat the procedure everyday. If you can mix lemon juice with a bit of honey, this will help to reduce irritation as well.
  • Direct application of fresh lemon juice on blackheads help to remove them effectively. The citric acid aids to dissolve the blackhead-causing oils in your skin.
  • Sugar scrub- Take the juice of half a lemon and add two spoons of sugar granules to it. Use it as a scrub to exfoliate your dull skin. The scrub is effective in revealing smoother skin and removing dark spots.
    Honey Mask for dry skin- Mix lemon juice, honey and olive oil in equal quantities and apply it on your skin to remove dryness and get soft and moisturized skin.
    Egg Mask for oily skin- Mix a spoon of lemon juice with egg white and grape juice. This pack helps to make skin shiny and smooth.
    Almond Oil Anti-Wrinkle Mask– Mix a spoon of honey with a spoon of lemon juice and add a few drops of almond oil. For all 4 mask Apply it on your face and wait for twenty minutes. Use this mask on your face to prevent wrinkles.

For Good hair – 

  • Hair loss is more a manifestation of weak hair, so if this situation lasts you at risk of being bald. To overcome this situation, how best to quickly find your hair back to life. By mixing 1 tablespoon of lemon juice mixed with 4 tablespoons of coconut oil. Then applied to the hair, wash hair for about 20 minutes back.
  • It’s no one who desired, the “snow” fall helplessly on the shoulder or shirt collar. Want to eliminate dandruff is not difficult as you think, simply use lemon juice mixed with egg whites and apply to hair, but remember, please apply from roots to ends Hair. About 1 hour then wash with cold water.
  • Shiny hair is always a dream of a girlfriend. To do this, not hard, very simple. After every shampoo with oil, use lemon juice to wash it again. Followed by a final rinse with water.
  • To add fresh bounce & shine to your lovely locks, mix the juice of one lemon with one cup warm water and apply to hair. Leave on for a few minutes, then rinse.

Basic use of lemon –

  • Besides the great utility mentioned above, you can use lime to make body lotions can. By using lemon juice mixed with tomato juice, remember with equal proportions, using a soft absorbent towel up around the body. Then bathe with warm water.
  • Fight “not so fresh” breath by drinking lemon water throughout the day. The acidity in lemons helps destroy the bacteria in your mouth.
  • Not only will this feel refreshing, it can help soften the rough skin on your feet. Fill a foot bath or large container with warm water. Add 1 cup lemon juice, ¼ cup milk and a few tablespoons of olive oil. Swish the water to mix the ingredients together. Soak your feet in this bath for about 15 minutes, rinsing with warm water upon completion. Repeat this treatment once a week to encourage smooth feet.
  • Make use of that lemon wedge floating in your tea. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto your tongue and swish it around in your mouth, swallowing the juice after a few swishes. This can lower the pH level inside your mouth and kill the bacteria that causes bad breath.
  • You may notice your elbows appear slightly dirty, even after a shower. Lighten the darkened skin by cutting a lemon in half. Place the halves upright on a table. Sit and rest your elbows in the lemon halves. Remain in this position for at least 10 minutes. Rinse the lemon juice from your elbows. Repeat this every few days until you notice lighter skin.
  • Take freshly squeezed lemon juice in a bowl and dip your finger nails in it. Stay like that for about fifteen minutes to allow the minerals to be soaked by your nails. Do it regularly before you go to bed. The protein and keratin growth is boosted and thus, nails become healthy and stronger.

Hey friends hope you love these tips from refreshing lemon. After reading these tips here’s the glass of lemon juice is here …. cheers… 🙂Beauty Secrets of Lemon, lemon, lemon tips, remedy using lemon, skin tips, hair tips, skin care, fairer skin, uses of lemon in face pack, lemon face pack, lemon hair pack, lemon juice, lemon skin, lemon tips for skin, lemon tips for hair, lemon tips for body skin, vitamin c, antibacterial , antiseptic


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