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Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash Review

Beauty is what lies within. To be beautiful from the outside, you need to be so from the inside too. No cosmetic works if this internal beauty is absent. So hello there! How are things going around? I’m here today with another post Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash Review. Aroma treasures was incorporated by Nirmal Minawala and Araadna Minawala in the year 2000. There aren’t many products of this brand but because of the quality of those few, Aroma Treasures is loved a lot. Let us see if Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash can be equally loved.

Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

Lavender is perhaps the most soothing scent a person can ever experience. Besides soothing acne prone skin, lavender is a wonderful remedy for eczema. It relieves itching and decongests the irritated patches of skin by adding moisture, thus speeding up the healing process. Lavender tones and firms your skin as it boosts circulation, thus increasing the blood flow to supply adequate oxygen and nutrition to the skin cells. This helps in keeping the cells healthy and boosting their renewal process.Scroll down to read Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash Review to check if this face wash benefits your skin just as much.

pack 1, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

pack 2, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

Price of Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash : Rs.185/- for 100 ml

Direction for use and Ingredients :
ingredients and how to use, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

Shelf life : 2 years

Color : Milky white

Smell : Smell of pure lavender but not as soothing as most lavender products

cap, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

What Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash claims

claims, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

swatch, Aroma treasures lavender face wash review

My experience with Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash

My god!! I am in love with the bottle and cover. Their look simply flattered me into buying Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash and i can bet it will do the same with you! No no, that was not the only reason why I bought this.

Now, on the topic, Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash comes in a sleek & long bottle with a pump at an end. The pump has a small opening and you close it with a small transparent plastic cap. The bottle comes inside a paper cover which is just as attractive! Both the bottle and the cover have lavender flowers printed all over them. Three pumps are enough for one wash.

Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash is a very delicate face wash. By that I mean that if you do some step just a bit wrongly, it will not give the same effect, but not a bad effect either. For example, when I started using this, I massaged the face wash into my skin quickly and washed it off. Then I got a cleaner skin but not a fairer one. After some 3-4 days washing like this and thinking that aroma treasures lavender face wash was of no use in the case of improving complexion, I started massaging the face wash for something like 5-7 mins and literally I got glowing face as well as cleaner and soft skin! Then, take a ml of water more or less than the required amount and it won’t lather up well. The results were very satisfactory.

Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash cleanses, moisturizes, softens, freshens and brightens the skin! See, so many benefits! But then as mentioned before, you’ll get all this only if you use Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash the right way. But then the freshening part doesn’t last for long! Talking about the smell, he smell I expected it way more better!

Overall, Aroma Treasures Lavender Face Wash is a good face wash. Maybe one of the best creations of aroma treasures. The beautiful look can be misleading if you are in search of a freshening or helpful in the ‘running late’ times face wash?. Otherwise, this is fully recommended!?

Good about aroma treasures lavender face wash 

  • Good cleansing
  • Moisturizes well
  • Makes skin soft and supple
  • Makes face bright and glowing
  • Awesome, awesome design of both the bottle and cover
  • Lathers well
  • Little amount and one bottle goes on for many days

Bad about aroma treasures lavender face wash

  • Not readily available
  • Very delicate usage
  • Freshening effect doesn’t last long
  • Little expensive

Availability : Online
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Fashion and Beauty Ratings : 4.2/5 ♥♥♥♥•

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  1. Lovely pics Vidusha

  2. Lovely pics Vidusha!!!

  3. Rashmita Rakshit
    Rashmita Rakshit

    Nice product and nice review 🙂

  4. Thanku Rash and Gkk. And gkk i am Vidushi not Vidusha??
    Yes, it is indeed nice!

  5. I have lavender smell 🙁

  6. No problem Kiran! Its smell isn’t too strong and it won’t linger around either. So you can still go for it?

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