Aroma Magic Milk Pack Review

Hello Readers, today I am going to post Aroma Magic Milk Pack Review. This is my favorite newly discovered face pack. Earlier I used to get facial done once every month. However once you start getting such services from the parlor it is like an obsession of getting that pampering again and again. Not only it is costly but also once the effects fade out and the face looks dull till you get the next treatment done. Many a times during the mid of the point when there is a sudden party invitation or a social gathering getting a facial is not possible so a face pack that adds glow comes out to be the last resort.

Aroma Magic Milk Pack Review

Aroma Magic Milk Pack consists of dried yogurt and soy protein. For ages milk has been used as a moisturizing agent in various face pack recipes, some even use raw milk as cleanser as its benefits for skin are countless. Even yogurt is often suggested by beauty experts to add glow to face. Plus, this face pack consists the goodness of vitamin A, C and E which is equally important for skin treatment.

Aroma Magic Milk Pack

Price of Aroma Magic Milk Pack  : Rs.120

Ingredients and Directions for use:

How to use Aroma Magic Milk Pack and ingredients.

Shelf life: 1 year

Color: Creamy white

Smell: It smells like Milk Powder

What Aroma Magic Milk Pack on claims

Aroma Magic Milk Pack claims


My experience with Aroma Magic Milk Pack

Aroma Magic Milk Pack has a brilliant packaging. It comes packed in a tub but there are sachets which contain the face pack stuffed in. No digging with wet hands that can interfere with the hygiene of the product. Also you get a clean tub free to store your earrings or anything miscellaneous. One packet contains the amount appropriate for one time use with some extra amount left too. To be accurate two sachets together will give you quantity required for three uses. The price is extremely reasonable as it is way cheaper than a glow facial.

Aroma Magic Milk pack consists of lactic acid which is good for aging skin and making skin velvety smooth and luminous. The texture of this pack is powdery and it does resemble milk powder in smell as well as color. For normal to dry skin which needs nourishment, it is to be mixed with Aroma Magic Skin Toner while for skin lightening it needs to be mixed with Aroma Magic Fairy Lotion. I needed to nourish my skin but I do not have the toner suggested so I mixed it with the Aroma Magic Fairy Lotion. It does not form a smooth paste after mixing the two continuously for some time. The consistency should be such that the face pack does not start dripping post application.

Initially there is a weird feeling on the skin and it takes a little time to dry up which may be because of the weather at my place. I wash it off when it is semi dry and the effects are mind blowing. As promised it makes skin luminous. The face glows and looks brighter than ever before. Anyone who sees you after this is bound to compliment you for that glow on your face. I highly recommend Aroma Magic Milk Pack for instant glow on the face during any special occasion. There is no dryness left behind by this face pack rather skin looks nourished as well. I love this face pack for the beautiful glow it leaves behind. Although there are no cons in this yet the only one I can think of is that it has a shelf life of one year so make sure you finish it up soon. Also Aroma Magic Milk Pack does not lighten skin so make sure you do not pick it up for that claim.

Overall Aroma Magic Milk Pack adds facial like glow instantly to the skin and makes skin velvety smooth as promised without leaving behind any dryness. Highly recommended to facial addicts plus women of all ages. ”

Good about Aroma Magic Milk Pack

  • Adds facial like glow
  • Skin looks smooth and clean
  • Savior when a facial or clean up is not possible
  • Sachet packing – hygienic plus no wastage of product
  • Smells like milk powder
  • Way cheaper than a glow facial
  • Two sachets can give three time uses
  • Short shelf life ensures its purity

Bad about Aroma Magic Milk Pack

  • Needs other Aroma Magic products to give best result.
  • Skin lightening claim is not true

Availability : Easy

Fashion and Beauty Rating : 4/5 ♥♥♥♥.


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