6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make – Eyeliner is one of our makeup staples, but it is also one of the trickiest makeup products out there. And that’s why many of us fall victim to some common eyeliner mistakes. When applied correctly, eyeliner can make our eyes look wider, bigger, more alert and enhance our overall look. But it is easy to mess up eyeliner. Using too much eyeliner give racoon eyes while creating uneven lines ruin our entire look. Use the wrong product and it will smudge, create a mess and give us dark circles. Pick up a wrong shade or applying too much glitter can get you all the attention for all the wrong reasons. Its true that eyeliner can be a bit annoying at times, but you can’t deny that it can make all the difference! Find out 6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make and steer clear of them now onward.

6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

Lining the Entire Eye with Black Eyeliner

This is a very common eyeliner mistake that many of us make, specially when attempting a dark, bold eye makeup look. But drawing thick lines around your entire eye on both upper and lower lid can actually make your eyes look smaller and create possibilities of racoon eyes. When you are using black eyeliner on your top lid, pick up brown, bronze, grey or white for the bottom lid, so that it appears more natural and this can actually make our eyes look larger.

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Gap between Lashes and Eyeliner

Many of us face this issue. A noticeable gap between our lash line and eyeliner looks odd and a very common mistake that almost all of us make while applying eyeliner. Here’s how to avoid it – first apply eyeliner as close to the lash line as possible, then gently lift the lashes upward and fill in the gaps from underneath the lash line. This technique is known as ‘tightlining’.

Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

Pulling the Eyes When Applying Eyeliner

This is one such eyeliner mistake that we all makes or have made at some point of time. We pull our eyes back so the skin is smooth and taut and the drawing on eyeliner becomes easy. But according to experts, when we pull our eye and then release it again, it bounces back and so does our eyeliner. This can create bumpy, textured and uneven lines. So practice drawing the eye liner on relaxed eyelid for smooth and sleek lines.

Putting on Mascara First

We love to coat our lashes with mascara. There’s no harm in doing that, but wait until you line your eyes perfectly. Mascara adds volume to our lashes and that’s why the thick, lacquered lashes prevent us from drawing on eyeliner close to our lash line and we can’t avoid the ‘gap’ between lash line and eyeliner that we discussed earlier. Putting on mascara first also creates the risk of overdoing the eyes. If you apply the eyeliner first, it becomes easier to understand how many coats of mascara do you exactly need to create a balanced look.

Few Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

Applying Glitter

While applying glittery eyeliner it is very easy to go overboard and end up looking too made-up. Wearing too much glitter also add ages to your face! A touch of glitter with a basic color like black or brown gives a subtle yet gorgeous look.

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Using the Wrong Eyeliner Formula

This is a common eyeliner mistake and we make it without even realizing. Gel and liquid liners look super dramatic and that’s why we opt for those over pencil eyeliners. But gel/liquid liners set so quickly that you are basically left with no time for blending. Blending your eyeliner is very important to prevent the harsh lines and look more natural. If you are a beginner or have shaky hands or want a zero-mistake eye makeup, go for waterproof pencil eyeliners which give enough time for blending and stay put throughout the day without smudging or smearing.

6 Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make

So this was a compilation of 6 Common Eyeliner Mistakes that We all Make. Keep them in mind so that you never repeat these mistakes ever again.

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