10 Best Intimate Washes Available in India

Every woman is special and so are her needs. Just the way she cares for her family she needs someone to take care of her. Our face and hair are most looked after but when it comes to feminine hygiene many of us happen to neglect the most important part of our body. We women take pride as we get to play multiple roles in our life but the joy of becoming a mother is above all. Thus to keep our assets safe and clean we need some expert protection and here is a list of the best feminine washes available in our country.
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10 Best Intimate Washes Available in India

1. Lactacyd Perineal Wash ( Review )

Every woman must have been prescribed Lactacyd atleast once in their lives.  Lactacyd consists Unique Combination of Lactic Acid (a natural Antiseptic) and Lactoserum (a natural vitamin and mineral extract). It claims to restore the Vulvo-vaginal PH balance and provide relief from Perineal Discomforts. It has a mild fragrance and lathers well. Results are amazing no wonder why this is ranked at the top of the list J

2. V wash Plus Expert Intimate Hygiene ( Review )

This is a personal favorite so I might get biased with this product. V wash Plus is formulated with unique PH balance formula of lactic acid. Being enriched with sea buck thorn oil which contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and amino acids along with tea tree oil, it leaves behind a fresh sensation and maintains healthy vaginal flora. It prevents unpleasant odors and irritations in the delicate area plus it is SLS/SLES and paraben free.

3. Everteen Natural Intimate Wash ( Review )

Everteen Natural Intimate Wash is made up of natural ingredients like Ficus Glomarata which inhibits the growth of E-coli bacteria and keeps vaginal infection at bay, Butea Frondosa which covers broad spectrum of anti bacterial and anti fungal activity, Sphatica which constricts blood vessels and delivers soothing and freshening effect while Aloe vera which promotes cell regeneration with anti inflammatory and moisturizing actions. This is SLS as well as paraben free. Being Gentle and mild it maintains vaginal hygiene, moisture and imparts freshness every day

4. Oriflame Feminelle Intimate Wash ( Review )

There are two variants of intimate wash from the house of Oriflame.

 Oriflame Feminelle Refreshing Intimate Wash

This is naturally pH balanced and is gynaecologically tested. It consists lactic acid and orange blossom extract.

 Oriflame Feminelle Soothing Intimate Wash 

This is a same as the other just that it has pink hibiscus extract.

Lactic acid keeps infections at bay and gives a super clean feeling. Except for the bulky hand wash kind of packaging this is another most preferred feminine wash among Indian women.

5. Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash

This is a costly variant of Intimate washes available in our country. Sebamed Intimate Wash consists of pH 3.8 which supports the ecological balance of normal Micro  flora for genital protection. It is 100% soap and alkali free plus it consists of Aloe Barbadensis and chamomile extracts. It is dermatological tested and claims To deep cleanse the pores.

6. Avon simply Delicate Feminine wash 

There are again two variants available of Avon Feminine Washes:- Avon Simply Delicate Calming Feminine wash consist extracts of vegetable protein, chamomile and witch hazel. While Avon Simply Delicate Soothing Feminine Wash is formulated using glycerin and extracts of Chamomilla recutita and Quercus alba bark extract. Both being pH balanced soap free and pleasantly scented liquid gel provide a mild, gentle cleansing and leaves one feeling clean and fresh all day long even during periods.

7. Clean and dry Intimate Wash and Foam ( Review )

Here comes our very own Clean and Dry range which created the awareness with regards to importance of an intimate wash in lady hygiene. There are many products available in this range. The washes available are in two forms- liquid and foam.

Clean and Dry Intimate Foam Wash contains Aloe Vera that nourishes, vita B3 which helps in removing dullness, and Tea Tree oil which protects your sensitive skin down there. It makes you feel fresh and special every day.

Clean and Dry Intimate Wash is pH balanced to clean and protect the vaginal area. It claims to lighten the skin color. Thus, it keeps one fresh and confident all day long. The company recommends the use of Clean and Dry Powder as well as Clean and Dry cream especially made for intimate areas.

8. Eraser Priva- HY Femine Wash ( Review )

This feminine wash is formulated with the goodness of Majuphal, Aloe vera, Paan, Vitamin E, Tea tree oil and other natural ingredients. It effectively cleans and deodorizes the female intimate parts without causing any sort of dryness or irritation. It gives a squeaky clean feel and there is a noticeable reduction in odor. Being priced reasonably and available online as well as offline there is no reason why one should not try this out:P

9. Richfeel Intimate Wash

This is a daily feminine wash which maintains natural pH balance and protects against infection and odor. It protects against unpleasant issues like irritation itchiness dryness which otherwise compromises the overall comfort of one’s feminity. This is to be used to keep oneself in optimal health as it is carefully formulated intimate Wash which  gently cleanses the sensitive parts supporting the natural micro flora balance that is essential in the protection against infections and odor formation. Being mildly scented it leaves behind fresh feel and comfort & confidence to the core.

10. Anherb Lady Hygiene Wash

Last but not the least is a mild feminine wash from Anherb. Anherb Lady Hygiene wash claims 100% hygiene for intimate parts of a woman. Being an effective anti bacterial cleanser it provides freedom from bad odor, prevents bacterial growth, prevent fungal Infection. It keeps you feeling fresh throughout the day plus maintains acidic pH necessary for healthy intimate area.

That’s all folks. Hope you like our list! Do not forget to drop your comments on your favorite lady hygiene Wash 🙂

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